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Pony Rides


Safe Horse-Riding
for Kids

A friendly visit with our horses is an excellent way to get your children outside and enjoy nature, which is beneficial to both body and mind. Our child-centred pony rides prioritize safety and well-being for both the rider and the horse.

What to Expect

Please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes, we will provide riders with size-appropriate helmets.

We like to start with introductions to gauge how comfortable a child is around horses, and we will never force an unhappy or uncomfortable child onto a horse. Once we know both the rider and the pony are at ease, we can begin. We will usually lead the pony and give age-appropriate instructions to the rider.

Our goal is to foster confidence while being safe and having fun.

Pony rides are for ages 2 and up!
$25 + HST per rider
Length: approx. 30 minutes

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