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Horsing Around Safety Tips

Safety Tips For You

Being around horses can be a loads of fun, but even a quiet horse can accidentally hurt you. Here are a few important things to remember when you are at Shelby Ranch.

- move quietly, and try not to startle the horse.

- always wear a helmet when you ride.

- always wear protective foot ware when grooming a horse; no sandals or going bare foot.

- when working around a horse's legs, don't sit or kneel. If the horse moves you will not be able to get out of the way.

- don't ware necklaces or earnings that dangle and can get snagged when you're working around horses.

- tie your horse with a safety quick-release knot, to a solid object that will not break or move if the horse pulls back.

- tie a horse at the height of its withers and short enough that he can't get a leg over the


- when leading your horse, walk on the left side between the head and the shoulders, and always

turn your horse away from you.

- never wrap a lead rope or reins around you hand, arm or any part of your body - if the horse spooks you could be dragged or badly hurt.

- always be calm around your horse. Speak quietly and firmly.

Understanding A Horse's Body Language

Horses and ponies are herd animals and are use to living as part of a group, feeling secure in the company of other equines and familiar surroundings. They are timid by nature and their natural reaction to danger is to flee. The horses sense of hearing is very acute and its sense of smell is also good, enabling it to sense danger some distance away. A horse is a very sensitive animal and are able to pick up on the feelings of its riders and handlers, particularly hesitation, fear, confidence and anger.

Do You Speak Horse?

Ears Alert & Forward: Ears pricked alert and facing forward indicates the horse is happy and interested.

Ears Flat & Back: Ears laid flat back against the neck show the horse is unhappy or annoyed.

Ears Lowered: Ears lowered slightly to the sides show the horse is relaxed, bored or could show that it feels unwell.

Flickering Ears: Flickering ears indicates that the horse is listening and attentive.

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Elissa Hoyt
Elissa Hoyt
Feb 19

I need advanced safety topics for spirit riders 4h club it is a horse club

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